2017 Nova Scotia


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  • Would implement universal full-day pre-primary education for four-year-olds (1)
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform
  • Pledges to work in consultation with the child care community and make a $24 million investment in early childhood education (3)

Corporate Taxation

  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform
  • Pledges to create a new “Earned Tax Relief” for businesses that create new jobs which will reduce their tax rate to 10% (from 13%) (2, 8, 9)
  • Would raise the threshold for the small business tax rate from $250,000 to $500,000 (2, 8, 9)
  • Promises to re-introduce a refundable film tax credit (2, 9, 10)
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform


  • Plans to hire 139 new teachers, including resource teachers in math and literacy (1)
  • Promises to cap class sizes in junior and senior high schools and introduce a new student attendance policy (1)
  • Would create new grants for schools with more complex classrooms (1)
  • Would restore the Reading Recovery program over the next two years, providing one-on-one tutoring for first graders needing extra assistance with reading and writing skills (1, 7)
  • Promises to expand the school breakfast program to provide breakfast to all students in the province, five days a week (1)
  • Pledges to reduce the wait list for speech and language help and psychology services (1)
  • Promises to complete a full review of the administrative structure of school boards prior to the end of 2017, with any changes implemented by 2018 (1)
  • Along with Autism Nova Scotia, they pledge to implement the Social ABCs program, an intensive early program for children with autism, and plan to create 10 regional autism resource centres, they would also provide funding for one-on-one job coaching for Nova Scotians with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities (1)
  • Pledges to expand vocational training in schools by creating seven new skilled trades centres in high schools (1)
  • Would repeal Bill 75, which imposes a contract on public school teachers (2)
  • Pledges to spend $20 million to hire more education assistants and set hard class-size caps (2)
  • Promises to ensure that mental health services are available in all Nova Scotia schools (2)
  • Pledge to put vocational training in schools to allow students to begin training in trades earlier and graduate with trades certificates which would shorten the time students would need to get complete certification at Nova Scotia Community College (2)
  • Would repeal Bill 75, which imposes a contract on public school teachers (3)
  • Promises to introduce class caps from primary to grade 12 (3)
  • Would hire more educational assistants and specialists for the classroom (3)
  • Pledges funding for anti-racism initiatives in the classroom (3)
  • Would establish a temporary cap on school closures (3)

Environment and Parks

  • Would legislate a Nova Scotia Cap-and-Trade system to cap the amount of allowable emissions and allow companies to lower emissions in a cost effective way (1)
  • Would pass legislation to provide legal protection for the coasts (1)
  • Pledges to pass a Biodiversity Act to improve protection of forests, lakes, animals, plant and citizens, and create the Nova Scotia Biodiversity Council (1)
  • Promises to review forestry practices and not award future long-term timber harvesting licences on Crown land until this review is complete (1)
  • Promises to not introduce a carbon tax (2)
  • Pledge to modernize and expand the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act which would set new targets for emissions and pollution reduction (2, 14)
  • Promises to introduce a new clean air act which would penalize polluters for polluting the air at unacceptable levels (2)
  • Would create a new Environmental Reclamation and Community Enhancement Fund to clean up polluted areas and creating new jobs (2)
  • Pledges to establish an Eco-Tourism Task Force to promote eco-tourism in the province (2)
  • Supports Efficiency One (3)
  • Has committed to working toward a carbon-neutral government, renewable energy generation and sustainable transportation (3)
  • Would introduce an Environmental Bill of Rights guaranteeing communities have a right to clean air and water, and establish an independent Environmental Commissioner to enforce this bill’s provisions (3)
  • Promises to legislate a hard target for Greenhouse Gas emission reductions for 2030 within a year of coming into office (3, 14)
  • Supports a temporary ban on fracking in NS (3)
  • Would strengthen offshore oil & gas regulations (3)
  • Plans to improve environmental baseline data related to tidal energy (3)
  • Supports owner/operation policy for inshore fisheries (3)
  • Would accept the findings of the Doelle-Lahey report on aquaculture (3)
  • Promise to limit clear cutting to only 50% of forest harvesting (14)

Food and Agriculture

  • Pledges to invest $17.4 million in agriculture and aquaculture industries to create 1000 new jobs ($9 million to the Building Tomorrows Fund and $8.4 million to the Aquaculture Development Program) (5)
  • Would invest $8.5 million to the Wine Development Program over the next 3 years (6)
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform
  • Would establish the Department of Agriculture and Food, reflecting a new food security mandate (3)
  • Pledges to change the cycle for small farm operating grants, allowing farmers to make growing decisions in time for planting season (3)
  • Would provide start-up funding for a marketing board for small farms (3)


  • Would focus on collaborative care between primary caregivers, working with family doctors to incorporate their ideas and primary care recommendations (1)
  • Pledges $5 million for construction or renovation of collaborative care facilities, in addition to planning for the new Shelburne and New Waterford clinics (1)
  • Promises to redevelop the QEII Health Science Centre, including the expansion of Halifax Infirmary, the Dartmouth General Hospital, the Hants Hospital (1)
  • Pledges to develop a new Community Outpatient facility, build a 10-bed residential hospice facility in Halifax, and demolish the VG Centennial Hospital (1)
  • Promises to implement myHealth NS, a web-based solution for personal health records and pledges $750,000 to help doctors interested in using video to consult with patients (1)
  • Promises to recruit and retain family doctors by adding 10 spaces to the existing family residency program, creating a new practice-ready assessment program with 10 spaces for internationally trained doctors, and adjusting tuition relief programs to support doctors in more areas of the province (1)
  • Would invest an additional $2.7 million to complete an additional 400 hip and knee surgeries in 2017-2018 and also an additional $1 million to enhance rehabilitation (1)
  • Would expand the Caregiver Benefits program to provide $400/month for caregivers of people living with low-moderate dementia and mental health issues (1)
  • Promises to reduce wait lists and streamline placement of seniors into Long-Term Care facilities, to introduce policy to help spouses stay together when in LTC, and to increase funding for seniors’ food budgets and recreation (1)
  • Would create a provincial mental health services plan with a new central intake system, increased community based support, expanded crisis services and mental health support workers for collaborative care clinics (1)
  • Pledges to expand the Schools Plus program to all schools by 2019, hiring 51 new mental health professionals, and developing new Youth Health Centres in four test schools (1)
  • Promises to develop an action plan to address opioid addition starting with a $1 million commitment for urgent action in the short term (1)
  • Would pass legislation to reduce barriers for emergency workers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to access benefits (1)
  • Promises to expand the IWK Emergency Department, continue phasing in a Provincial Dialysis Plan, and develop a Provincial Hospice Program (1)
  • Is committed to Implementing the One Person One Record project and creating a new Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisory Council (1)
  • Guarantees that there would be no premium increases in the Senior Pharmacare program, and would explore using an Atlantic Pharmacare model (1)
  • Pledges to replace the Victoria General Hospital (2)
  • Promises to double tuition relief program for doctors, nurses, and practioners who commit to practicing medicine in rural and underserviced communities (2)
  • Would invest $13.5 million in recruiting new doctors to the province (2)
  • Pledges to create mental health crisis centers to divert patients from Emergency Rooms to more appropriate care and expand access to mental health courts across the province (2)
  • Would introduce a new tax rebate for those who rely on a psychiatric service dog (2)
  • Would extend children’s dental coverage up to age 17 (4)
  • Pledges $30 million to improving access to doctors in communities (3)
  • Would reverse cuts to nursing homes and residential care facilities, and improve the nursing home waiting list by creating new long-term-care beds (3)
  • Pledges $5.2 million to reduce wait-times for community-based mental health care by 50% (3)
  • Plans $1.5 million in investments to double the number of midwives, and begin a midwifery training program (3)


  • Reduce waiting list for rent supplemented housing by 30% over three years. (1)
  • Invest $51 million to affordable housing over several years into programs and partnerships that will enhance home repair programs, incentivize private sector to affordable housing units, help landlords fix apartments held for low-income Nova Scotians. $18 million will be allocated to preserve social housing and $8.6 to new affordable housing for seniors. (1)
  • Work with federal government to ensure that Nova Scotia receives portion of federal funding allocated to affordable housing in 2017 federal budget. (1)
  • Help first-time buyers with household income up to $75,000 with down payment assistance program. (1)
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform
  • Would invest $17 million in new housing units, including the repairs and maintenance of existing units (3)

Indigenous Issues

  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform
  • Recognizes and supports the call for action on the recommendations in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, including increasing Indigenous representation in the health care field, providing cultural education, and working towards a provincial adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of indigenous Peoples (3)
  • Is committed to building relationships with Indigenous communities in Mi’kma’ki (3)


  • Would increase spending on community infrastructure (schools, roads, and recreational facilities) by $50 million each year (1)
  • Pledges $2 million annually for enhanced tourism infrastructure at key tourism sites (1)
  • Promises fund a beautification and streetscaping program ($500,000) and community works fund ($500,000) (1)
  • Would rebuild and modernize 700 km of gravel roads in Nova Scotia (1)
  • Pledges expanded trail access to connect with the Trans Canada Trail network (1)
  • Would invest an additional $390 million to twin highways without use of tools, including segments of Hwy 104, Hwy 103 and Hwy 101. Would also contruct a four-lane Burnside Connector and allocate $30 million of the fund to improving safety on the untwinned 100-series highways (1)
  • Promises to invest in rural broadband internet connectivity (1)
  • Pledges to invest a total of one billion dollars, with an additional billion to be matched by the federal government, into infrastructure around the province (2)
  • Promises to prevent the creation of any new tolls on roads and highways within the Province (2)
  • Would double the budget for rural road and secondary road repair, and would repair the 100-series twin highways (2)
  • Promises to ensure access to high speed internet in rural Manitoba (2)
  • Would automatically begin an audit when any infrastructure project goes 10% overbudget and the make the results public to increase accountability (2)
  • Would reopen the Department of Economic and Rural Development (3)
  • Pledges $12 million in sustainable and accessible public transportation by providing core funding to fixed-route transit (3)
  • Promises to help municipalities improve local access to high-speed Internet (3)
  • Would maintain public ownership of roads and highways, and opposes tolling highways (3)

Law and Order

  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform
  • Promises to restore the Boots on the Street program which would increase the number of frontline patrol police officers in the province (2, 12, 13)
  • Pledge to pass the Dignity for Victims of Sexual Violence Act which would help provide survivors of sexual assault with funds to cover the cost of legal representation (2, 11)
  • Promises to require Nova Scotian judges to complete comprehensive and ongoing education in sexual assault law (2)
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform

Natural Resources

  • Promises to continue enforcing the moratorium on fracking and onshore natural gas (1)
  • Pledges to introduce revenue sharing from resource development with municipalities (2)
  • Would create a new provincial forest management plan with an additional $5 million invested over 10-years in siviculture (2)
  • Supports a temporary ban on fracking in NS (3)
  • Would strengthen offshore oil & gas regulations (3)
  • Promises improved environmental baseline data related to tidal energy (3)
  • Supports owner/operation policy for inshore fishery (3)
  • Promise to limit clear cutting to only 50% of forest harvesting (14)


  • Pledge to include craft brewers on the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation’s Board of Directors (2)

Personal Taxation

  • Would reduce taxes by increasing the Basic Personal Exemption (BPE) by $3,000 for incomes up to $25,000, and on a sliding scale for incomes up to $75,000 (1)
  • Promises to raise the Basic Personal Amount by up to $3,000 for people with incomes below $75,000 (2)
  • Would implement a small surtax on people whose income is greater than $250k (3)
  • Promises to eliminate the provincial portion of HST on funerals (3)

Politics and Democracy

  • Would increase public engagement in politics by creating advisory councils, including: Premier’s Youth Advisory Council; Veterans Advocate Office; Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisory Council (1)
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform
  • Promises to introduce a system of proportional representation for provincial elections (3)
  • Would establish fixed election dates (3)

Post-Secondary Education

  • Would eliminate tuition for apprentices when they leave work to complete technical training (up to $900 annually) (1)
  • Promises to expand the Loan Forgiveness program by extending the graduation period to five years from four (1)
  • Would increase the weekly student assistance amount to a maximum of $200 per week (1)
  • Promises to sign a memorandum of understanding with universities to reduce tuition to the national average (2)
  • Pledge to reintroduce the Graudate Retention Rebate to encourage more graduating Nova Scotians to stay within the province (2)
  • Promises to double tuition relief program for doctors, nurses, and practioners who commit to practicing medicine in rural and underserviced communities (2)
  • Would require Nova Scotian universities to focus on innovation and job creation (2)
  • Plans to eliminate tuition for all students enrolled at the Nova Scotia Community College (3)
  • Promises to reduce university tuition fees by 10% over four years, in view of eventually eliminating tuition at NS universities (3)


  • Pledges $3.54 million over 4 years to the Shift Action Plan with 50 action items to improve lives of senior Nova Scotians, including community supported transportation, improving access to affordable and healthy food, promoting physical activity, and funding age-friendly community planning and age-friendly workplaces. (1)
  • Promises to freeze Seniors’ Pharmacare cost-share ratio so the government cannot force seniors to take on a higher burden for pharmaceuticals (2)
  • Pledge to enact a Seniors’ Bill of Rights which would keep couples together and increase the quality of meals offered in senior’s homes (2)
  • Would increase funding by $4.5 million for programs which would help seniors remain in and repair their homes (2)
  • Pledges to introduce free fishing licenses for seniors (2)
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform

Sociocultural Welfare and Jobs

  • Promises to introduce a Standard Household Rate for Income Assistance, and increase rates by an additional 2% for clients able to work and 5% for those unable to work (1)
  • Would create a work incentive for Income Assistance clients by exempting earnings of up to $250/month from reductions (1)
  • Pledges $20 million for a 4-year Blueprint to End Poverty in Nova Scotia (1)
  • Would improve Maintenance Enforcement services to help custodial parents collect money owed in child and spousal support (1)
  • Promises to increase the income threshold for the Heating Assistance Rebate Program to $29,000 for singles and $44,000 for households (1)
  • Would help At-Risk Youth by developing temporary placement options with extended family or guardians, continuing to invest in foster families, and expanding early-intervention and intensive parenting programs (1)
  • Pledges $1 million for the Small Business ACCESS-Ability Program and would increase the program to $1 million for Nova Scotians living with disabilities (1)
  • Would build eight new Small Options homes and expand day programming option to help persons with disabilities to develop skills needed to reach their full potential (1)
  • Pledges dedicated annual funding to address sexual violence through Prevention Innovation Grants (1)
  • Promises to rebuild and modernize women’s shelter facilities through partnerships with existing organizations including Bryony House, Mi’Kmaw Native Friendship Centre, Chrysalis House and Autumn House (1)
  • Would create programs to address domestic violence, focusing on prevention and victim support. Would also pass legislation to give victims of domestic violence the right to take time off work, also expand the Domestic Violence Court (1)
  • Promises to bring more immigrants to Nova Scotia through partnerships with the federal government, and to implement the Atlantic Immigrant Pilot to allow entry for 800 new immigrants each year in key economic sectors based on labour shortages (1)
  • Would expand the Graduate to Opportunity program to create 1,200 jobs over the next four years, and create a Nova Scotia Youth Job Connector program to connect skilled young people with employers. Promises to expand the START apprentice program to incentivize hiring underrepresented apprentices or minority groups (1)
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform
  • Promises to increase the provincial minimum wage to $15/hour over the next 3 years (3)
  • Would eliminate the inexperienced worker wage (3)
  • Pledges to reverse cuts to employment programs for African Nova Scotians and women (3)
  • Promises to establish a task force on the local economy that will help businesses adapt to minimum wage changes (3)
  • Supports free and fair collective bargaining (3)
  • Would repeal anti-labour legislation, including Bill 30, Bill 37, Bill 100, Bill 148 and Bill 75 (3)
  • Pledges $500k in additional funding to sexual assault service providers, with multi-year funding agreements for sexual assault centres and other community organizations providing sexual assault services (3)
  • Would provide $500k in additional funding to Nova Scotia’s women’s centres (3)
  • Pledges $1 million to immediately double the number of sexual assault therapists across the province (3)
  • Promises to fast-track the Employment Supports and Income Assistance Transformation project (3)
  • Would begin designing a Basic Income Guarantee (3)
  • Plans to set social assistance rates so recipients can afford healthy food from grocery stores and farmers’ markets instead of food banks (3)

Technology and Innovation

  • Promises to maintain seven current Sandbox innovation hubs across the province, and add a new Ocean Sandbox (1)
  • Would create the Research Nova Scotia program to coordinate research efforts and unlock more federal and commercial funding (1)
  • Would create the Innovate to Opportunity program to support hiring Master’s and PhD graduates, creating 240 new jobs (1)
  • Pledges to create a new Mental Health and Wellness Institute at a Nova Scotia university to increase mental health research and innivation (2)
  • Has not clearly stated their intent in their platform