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There used to be two debates, one in French, the other in English. This year there is a great hullabaloo and confusion reigning over the pre-election period. Here is our guide to who’s coming, who isn’t, and who wasn’t invited.

The Globe Debate

Radio-Canada Debate

Munk Debate

Debate Guide 2015

notinvitedNot invitednotcomingNot comingmaybeMaybe?comingComing
Macleans (English)August 6thYoutubecheck1check2check3check4ni5
The Globe and Mail (English, The Economy)September 17thYoutubecheck1check2check3ni4ni5
Consortium (French)September 24thYoutubecheck1check2check3check4check5
Munk (Bilingual, Foreign Policy)September 28thYoutubecheck1check2check3ni4ni5
TVA (French)October 2ndcheck1check2check3ni4check1


Womens Issues InterviewsUncertainnc1check2check3check4check5


Consortium (English)October 8thnc1q2check3check4ni5
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