External Resources


Similar to I CAN Party but less vast in scope and organized by party. Very pretty site!

Vote Compass

In depth quiz that lines you up next to the political parties.

2019 PBO Platform Costing

Self explanatory and super useful if you want to delve into the details!


"Keep tabs on parliament." Find out what the sometimes elusive political world is up to, how they have voted, and what they have been saying on social media. This is a great place to see what your local riding representative is doing.

Apathy is Boring

National get out the vote initiative. They sent us volunteers for the 2015 federal election. They use our content to increase voter engagement and education.

Elections Canada

Check if you are registered to vote and register if you're not. There are a few new rules that came into place this year so it's a good idea to check and only takes a second.

CBC Poll Tracker

Awesome interactive poll tracker from the creator of 308.com.


Canada's political fact checker. Grades quotes as true, misleading, false, or farcical. If you doubt what someone is saying, this is the place to check up on it.

Be the Vote

Be the Vote is a group of young Canadians passionate about getting youth to vote.