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I CAN Party was built to fill a gaping need for a comparative policy site in Canadian politics. It is our mission to remain as unbiased and transparent as possible and treat each party fairly.

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Federal Election 2015 Contributors


Foreign Policy Researcher Miranda Sharp

Miranda is a student and avid reader with a particular interest in human rights and state violence worldwide. She lives in Toronto, where she currently studies carpentry.

Foreign Policy Researcher Cal Furlong

Cal is a freelance journalist and U of T student studying bioethics, philosophy, and near and middle eastern civilizations. He leads a honky tonk band in Toronto.

Associate Editor Sylvia Moffatt

Sylvia Moffatt, graduated from McGill with a B.Sc. in Geography and Urban Systems, and currently lives in between Montreal and Paris. She enjoys travelling, photography and finding the best cheap eats in MTL, which consists mainly of eating large amounts of poutine.

Domestic Policy Researcher Rose Cooper

Rose is from Banff Alberta, currently living in Montreal and studying political science and history at Concordia.

French Translator Tiffany Kuo

Tiffany Kuo is a student at the University of Victoria who very much enjoys reading in her spare time. She adores languages, culture, history, science, and learning in general. French is her fourth language and she looks forward to adding another one to the list.

Editor Cory Shankman

Cory is passionate about public transit, the environment, science and technology, and good governance. Raised in Toronto, Cory is completing his PhD in Astronomy at the University of Victoria.

French Translator/Editor Marianne Robitaille

Marianne grew up on the south shore of Montreal and graduated last spring from Université de Sherbrooke with a teaching degree. She is currently working in Fort St. John, BC, where she has her own grade 4-5 French immersion class. Her first language is French and she speaks fluent English, thanks to all the trips she did across the country. She likes to tell whoever wants to hear it that she has set foot in all of the 10 provinces!

Environmental Researcher/Editor Susanna Millar

Susanna is a social work graduate living and working in Vancouver. She is interested in food systems and environmental issues and works with community-based not-for-profit organizations.

Sociocultural Researcher Sabrina Kholam

Originally from Montreal, Sabrina is currently studying political science, philosophy and history at the University of Toronto. She is most interested in political theory and the role of women in both classical and contemporary political thought.

Domestic Policy Researcher Mina Akrami

Mina is a recent graduate of the Master of Global Affairs from the Munk School of Global Affairs of the University of Toronto, where she specialized in innovation and global markets.

French Translator Angelo Punongbayan

Angelo is a student at York University studying Linguistics, French Studies, and Education. He currently lives in Toronto. He has a deep appreciation for language, culture, education, and clever puns. Having recently gained the right to vote he hopes to advocate the importance of informed voters and social change for the betterment of our society.

Sociocultural Researcher Afifa Hashimi

Afifa lives in Metro Vancouver and is currently studying political science and English at Simon Fraser University, with a particular interest in international politics and human rights. She's an avid reader and is passionate about social justice and advocacy work.

French Editor Jade Moussa

Jade is a Lebanese Canadian citizen who just graduated from McGill University with a degree in Political Science and Biology. He loves languages so much that he decided to teach himself four at the same time (with some failures). He is obsessed with politics, and considers food, sleep and alcohol as the trinity of life.

Economic Researcher Russell Saldanha

Russell graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in Business Administration. He enjoys learning about innovative businesses, playing tennis and watching a myriad of shows in his spare time.

French Translator/Editor Mathilde Milpied

Mathilde is from France and graduated from McGill University with a degree in Political Science in 2014. She is about to start a masters degree in public relations at the University of New South Wales in Australia. She is passionate about a wide range of things that go from ballet to surfing to indie rock music to Marie-Antoinette.

Sociocultural Researcher Konrad Anand

Konrad Anand is a McGill student studying math. He hails from Hamilton, Ontario.

French Translator Renita Bangert

Renita Bangert is a Communications/Journalism student currently studying at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. She is pursing an extended minor in French studies and loves travelling and learning about human culture. In her free time, she's an avid reader, writer, musician and tea-drinker.