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We are on hiatus

After 5 years and lots of fun with lots of amazing volunteers we are going on hiatus! The admin team here is busy with other stuff and we are hoping to take a step back. However! If there is anyone out there who would be interested in running the site we would love to hand it off to an interested citizen. If you would like to apply please contact us (with the bull button) detailing why you think you should be the one and we will get in touch for an interview. The job would be mostly organizing volunteers and doing the content creation. Thank you for all of your support over the years! Party on.

I CAN Party is a user-friendly guide to understanding politics in Canada. It provides short summaries of parties’ policies, without analysis or party rhetoric.

We strive to be unbiased. However, some selection bias is unavoidable. It is best to think of this site as a starting point and reference guide. We strongly encourage everyone to look more deeply into the issues.

If you do feel that we have misrepresented an issue or are missing information, please contact us through the “bull” button and let us know (with appropriate sources).

Party on,

The I CAN Party Team

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